Jayne Mansfield Hot Water bottle.

The Jayne Mansfield Hot Water Bottle is 22 inches long, and made of hard plastic molded into the shape of the famous actress and sex symbol. It was dreamt up by one of her promoters, during the height of her fame. At one point, there was even a proposal to do a life-size version, but the idea was eventually rejected as being too vulgar. It was a rare occasion of good judgment being exercised in the course of her career.

The hot water bottle is tacky enough, but the advertising on the box that it comes in is even worse:

  • “The ‘Hugging’ Hot Water Bottle”
  • “Designed with the Male in Mind”
  • “For the Man Who Has Everything, Including a Few Aches and Pains — Preferred by Arctic Explorers.”
  • “We Don’t Know How, But They Say It Can Be Used As an Ice Pack — Perfect As a Cocktail Shaker”

copy: Julie’s Tacky Treasures