The One and Only FLIP Turns 50 in 2012!


This is FLIP, an ocean vessel that can actually flip on its side and keep on a-floatin’. FLIP even has two sets of interior furnishings for long term floating in either position.

The Floating Instrument Platform is celebrating 50 years of staying afloat no matter what the high seas throws at it.

FLIP designers (from left) Philip Rudnick, Fred Fisher, and Fred Spiess hold the first model of FLIP, made from a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. FLIP was launched on June 22, 1962.

FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) Facts

  • Length overall: 355′ – 0″
  • Hull diameter maximum: 20′ – 0″
  • Hull diameter minimum: 12′ – 6″
  • Draft horizontal normal: 10′ – 5″
  • Draft vertical normal: 300′ – 0″
  • Displacement: 1,500 tons horizontal, 2,000 tons vertical; Including concrete ballast: 800 tons