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Revenge of the Gladiators (1964)


La vendetta dei gladiatori (original title)

1964 Italy
Direction: Luigi Capuano
Writers: Luigi Capuano (story), Arpad DeRiso (story and screenplay)
Stars: Mickey Hargitay, José Greci, Livio Lorenzon

In 454 A.D. barbarians led by the Vandal king, Genseri, besiege Rome which is ruled by the ineffectual Valentinian III and his wife, Calpurnia. The Roman general Ezio manages to temporarily halt the Vandals’ advance. Now arriving on the scene is Ezio’s son, Fabius, who had been reported as killed in battle. Fabius falls in love with Valentinian’s daughter, Priscilla, while coming to the realization that Rome is weak and corrupt. Genseri now hatches a plan to take over Rome by marrying his son to Priscilla, To prevent this, Fabius hides Priscilla but is then captured and tortured by Genseri who wants to know the young woman’s whereabouts. Priscilla comes forward and agrees to marry Genseri’s son if Genseri will free Fabius. Genseri agrees but, at the wedding, he breaks his word and shows Priscilla a cross where Fabius has been crucified with ropes. Priscilla is outraged but then relieved when Fabius’ friends arrive to save Fabius and to defeat the Vandals in battle.


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7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (1966)


7 donne d’oro contro due 07 (original title)

7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (Worldwide)
Sette donne d’oro contro due 07 (Italy)

1966 Italy
Direction: Vincenzo Cascino (who also plays the villain Barbikan)
Actors: Mickey Hargitay, Maria Vincent, Luciana Paoli

Former Mr. Universe and Mr. Jayne Mansfield, Mickey Hargitay plays Mark Davis, secret agent Two 07. He’s on a mission to locate a Nazi treasure hidden in the Mediterranean by Martin Bormann. The location of the treasure is hidden in a Goya painting. The only problem is, seven identical replicas of the painting were sold at auction to seven “beautiful” women, each hoping against hope that theirs is the real McCoy. Cue the obligatory catfights…

Of course, even though the film is titled 7 Golden Women Against Two 07, these eight principals aren’t the only ones after the treasure. Leading the pack of also-rans is the writer-director-producer-editor-and-star Vincenzo Cascino as Barbikian. There’s no explanation as to why he’s painting them gold and the only justification is it looked good on Shirley Eaton.



Music: Felice Di Stefano & Italo Fischetti
Cinematography: Antonio Piazza
Edited by: Vincenzo Cascino (as Vincenzo Cashino)
Production Design: Itala Giardina
Costume Design: Anna Benedetti
Production companies: Accadia Films
Running time: 90 minutes

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