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The Mummy (1959)

THE MUMMY (1959)

1h 28min | Adventure, Horror

1959 UK
Direction: Terence Fisher
Writer: Jimmy Sangster (screenplay)
Actors: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux

In the 1890s a team of British archaeologists discover the untouched tomb of Princess Ananka but accidentally bring the mummified body of her High Priest back to life. Three years later back in England a follower of the same Egyptian religion unleashes the mummy to exact grisly revenge on the despoilers of the sacred past.


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Five Golden Dragons (1967)


1967 UK | West Germany | Liechtenstein

Direction: Jeremy Summers
Actors: Robert Cummings, Margaret Lee, Rupert Davies

The Five Golden Dragons are an international criminal gold trafficking secret society syndicate based in Hong Kong. They plan to break up after selling their criminal enterprise to the Mafia for US$50 million. However the members of the group fear the greed of each other in receiving their share of the profits. An American playboy and a two sisters become involved in the action.


Music: Malcolm Lockyer
Cinematography: John von Kotze
Edited by: Donald J. Cohen
Art Direction: Scott MacGregor
Production companies:

  • Blansfilm
  • Constantin Film
  • Sargon

Running time: 90 minutes

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