077: Ypotron – Final Countdown (1966)


Agente Logan – missione Ypotron (original title)

aka “Mike Murphy 077 gegen Ypotron”

1966 Italy | Spain | France
Direction: Giorgio Stegani (as George Finley)
Actors: Luis Dávila, Gaia Germani, Alfredo Mayo

Doctor Morrow, a scientist who works for NASA, has mysteriously disappeared. The Secret Service investigates. Agent Lemmy Logan is in charge of the case. He discovers that that Leikman – a former Nazi scientist – is developing Ypotron, a weapon that could destroy a large part of the world. Leikman wants to use Dr. Morrow’s scientific knowledge. This is an Europsy movie from the sixties with some nice locations en beautiful women. There is to an entertaining music score by Nico Fidenco throughout the film.

Secret Agent 077 was officially a trilogy of Eurospy films with Ken Clark as Dick Malloy. However “077” was used on posters or advertising of several other Eurospy films with little or no relationship to each other perhaps to exploit the audience’s knowledge of 007.


• Agent 077 – Mission Bloody Mary (1965) starring Ken Clark
• Agent 077 From the Orient with Fury (1965) starring Ken Clark
• Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966) starring Ken Clark


• Espionage in Lisbon (1965) – Brett Halsey as Agent 077 George Farrell
• Espionage in Tangier (1965) – Luis Dávila as Agent S.077 Mike Murphy | Marc Mato
• Secret Agent Fireball (1965) – Richard Harrison as Agent Bob Fleming (077 in some countries)
• Killers Are Challenged (1966) – Richard Harrison as Agent Bob Fleming (077 in some countries)
• Golden Eyes Secret Agent 077 (1968)

Music: Nico Fidenco
Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco
Edited by: Andreina Casini
Production Design: Arrigo Equini
Set Decoration: Arrigo Equini
Costume Design: Elio Micheli, Fausto Sarli
Production companies:

  • Atlántida Films
  • Dorica Film
  • Euro International Film (EIA)

Running time: 100 minutes