Kiss and Kill (1967)


Feng liu tie han (original title)

1967 Hong Kong
Direction: Takumi Furukawa, Kang Cheng (co-director)
Actors: Diana Chung-Wen Chang, Paul Chang, Tina Chin-Fei

A military plane carrying a nuclear load explodes mid-air after being hit by mysterious electronic rays. Secret agents are immediately ordered to trace its source. Sculptor Liang Tien Hong finds himself in the middle of this mishap.

Hong Kong remake of the European spy movie Passport to Hell: Secret Agent 3S3

In that movie, the lead character, Walter Ross, CIA Agent 3S3 (a designation meaning secret agent number 3 of the 3rd Special Division) was played by Georgio (George) Ardisson.

Although in this Chinese movie, the lead role was played by Paul Chang, he apparently did not do very well as far as the action sequences & fighting scenes are concerned. He looked suave & flamboyant, but he was certainly no fighter, unlike George.

The voluptuous Zhang Zhongwen (Diana Chang), a former Miss Hongkong & considered in Chinese movie circles as Planet Earth’s Most Beautiful Animal, added some spice as well as distraction to the movie.

The movie title in Chinese (Cantonese to be more specific) was somewhat of a misnomer. Its translation, literally: ‘Flamboyant Big Fellow’

Music: Fu-Ling Wang
Cinematography: Yu-Tang Li, Tadashi Nishimoto
Edited by: Hsing-Lung Chiang
Art Direction: Johnson Tsao
Production companies: Shaw Brothers
Running time: 95 minutes

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