Kommissar X – Three Yellow Cats (1967)


Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen (original title)


Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick (USA)
Kárate en Ceilán (Spain)
Chasse à l’homme à Ceylan (France)

1966 Austria | Italy | France
Direction: Rudolf Zehetgruber, Gianfranco Parolini (uncredited)
Actors: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Ann Smyrner

Tom Rowland from the New York Police Department is sent to Colombo to investigate the murder of a US embassy official killed protecting the daughter of a wealthy expatriate American landowner. At the same time New York Private Investigator Joe Walker has been hired by the landowner’s daughter to protect her father from being extorted for one million dollars. Through the Ceylon Police they discover a terrorist organisation known as the Three Golden Cats are responsible for both activities and a string of murders with the victims killed by karate blows or by biological chemicals.

“Kommissar X” is a private detective named Joe Louis Walker (from a series of German crime fiction books) who was a counterpart of the German crime fiction FBI Special Agent Jerry Cotton. Between 1965 and 1971 seven Kommissar X films were made with Tony Kendall as the laid back swinging New York City private eye Joe Walker balanced against the serious muscular New York City Police Captain Tom Rowland played by Brad Harris.

With the international success of the films of Ian Fleming’s James Bond and the German Jerry Cotton (played by George Nader) series, seven Kommissar X films were made. These films were not only released internationally but became a staple of American television movies in the mid-1960s when American stations sought colour films to show.

1965: Kommissar X – Jagd auf Unbekannt – Hunt for the Unknown | Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill
1966: Kommissar X – In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen – Operation Far East
1967: Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen – Three Yellow Cats
1967: Kommissar X – Drei grüne Hunde – Death Trip
1968: Kommissar X – Drei blaue Panther (de) – Three Blue Panthers
1969: Kommissar X – Drei goldene Schlangen – Three Golden Serpents
1971: Kommissar X – jagt die roten Tiger – FBI: Operation Pakistan


Music: Gino Marinuzzi Jr.
Cinematography: Klaus von Rautenfeld
Edited by: René Le Hénaff, Edmond Lozzi
Production Design: Niko Matul, Miodrag Nikolic
Production Design: Niko Matul
Costume Design: Blanda Stefani
Production companies:

  • Parnass Film
  • Danny Films S.r.l.
  • Danubia Films
  • Jacques Willemetz
  • Filmédis
  • Ceylon Tours (in collaboration with)

Running time: 95 minutes